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Australian Hooks Huge Spanish Mackerel off an Island Beach [VIDEO]

Imagine reeling in a huge mackerel of this stature from the beach.

A beach fisherman has caught a 1.8-meter (nearly 6-foot) Spanish mackerel off an island beach in Australia this week, with Queensland Fisheries Officers stating it's the longest known land-based catch of mackerel.

At first the lucky fisherman, Doug Buhagiar, thought he had a bronze whaler shark on the line, but was astonished to find that the landed fish was a mackerel. "I thought I saw brown in the water, so I thought it was a big bronzer everyone's surprise, it was bloody mackas!"

Mostly mackerel grow to about three feet in length, but this fish, which is thought to be an old female of 17 years, almost reached six feet and weighed in at nearly 120 pounds. The old girl took 45 minutes to land.

Fraser Island is located a short distance off the coast of southeast Queensland, and is a popular spot for beach fishermen. Fisheries Queensland representative Greg Bowness said: "Spanish mackerel are seasonally abundant around the Fraser Island area, and there are some quite substantial catches caught off the eastern side."

The head and skeleton has been donated to Fisheries Queensland for research, but the huge fillets will be eaten with relish by Mr. Buhagair and his family.

"I reckon I can die now, cause it's the best fish I'll ever catch," the angler said.

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Australian Hooks Huge Spanish Mackerel off an Island Beach [VIDEO]