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Australian Fishermen Capture Great White Shark in GoPro Footage

What began as a normal fishing day for these South Australian fishermen became a memory that left them awestruck. 

While aboard a charter boat near the Yoke Peninsula near South Australia, Shane Murton and his father were just ready to catch some fish at sea when they spotted the shark a distance away from their boat.

Murton dropped his GoPro to capture the shark when they realized the massive creature was approaching the boat, ending up with this stunning footage.

Murton said of the incident: "Just a typical day, struggling for a fish, yeah a big great white pointer came up and really spiced it up. Gradually it got a bit more aggressive...Conservative 12 to 14 footer so a bit of size to him."

The shark, as it became aggressive, snagged its teeth on the boat's propellor. One of the most fascinating moments about this encounter, also, was that this amateur footage resulted in a fairly long video of the shark in the wild.

As Murton pointed out, "Normally they're quite fleeting when you see these come through like a lightning bolt...but this one actually really put on a display for us."

Perhaps the shark wanted to spice up the fishermen's admittedly rough fishing day.

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Australian Fishermen Capture Great White Shark in GoPro Footage