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Australian Fisheries Department Sends Poachers Strong Message

Facebook/Fisheries Queensland

Fisheries Queensland, an Australian government agency, recently took to Facebook to send a strong message to poachers.

The poaching of crabs in Queensland is a serious problem. It is an offense that is taken very seriously by the Australian fisheries department. The organization recently filmed a public service announcement of sorts by showing the destruction of a boat used for poaching.

The boat had been illegally modified to conceal a catch of mud crabs that exceeded the legal limit. The modifications made the boat unsafe for use and Fisheries Queensland destroyed the boat to send a message.

The poachers who were using the boat were found to have 37 bags filled with 69 mud crabs. Many of the crabs were undersized and female, which are both against the law to keep.

The poachers pleaded guilty to the charges brought against them and had to pay $20,000 in fines in addition to forfeiting their boat, motor, trailer, and crabbing pots.

You may be asking why Fisheries Queensland also destroyed the motor and trailer instead of selling them. Well, do not fear. The good motor and trailer that were forfeited by the poachers were switched out for a broken motor and a rusty, old trailer.

All of the illegal captured crabs were able to be returned to the water safely.


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Australian Fisheries Department Sends Poachers Strong Message