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Tangled Dead Swan Leads to Call for Tackle Cleanup in Australia

Perth & WA Fishing Reports

A swan washed up dead on the shores of western Australia tangled in fishing line leading to the Department of Parks and Wildlife urging fishermen to clean up. 

An image posted on the Perth and WA Fishing Reports Facebook page last week showed a dead swan wrapped in fishing line. The Australian Department of Parks and Wildlife has since reminded fishermen in western Australia to clean up their fishing tackle after they fish in the rivers near Perth, Australia.

Officials stress that they deal with entangled wildlife more frequently than they need to. They have since launched a campaign called "Reel It In" where trash cans were added to all the popular fishing spots. A spokeswoman from the Department stated:

"The department urges the public to dispose of their rubbish thoughtfully to help protect wildlife and preserve the general amenity of our local environment. There are now 45 fishing line bins installed at popular fishing locations throughout the Swan Canning River and these units currently collect over 15 kilometres of fishing line, 2380 hooks and sinkers and 2048 bait bags per year." 

The man who posted the dead swan image in the Facebook page said it best- "We must respect and protect the environment that gives us the ability to do what we love best FISH!!!!!!!"

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Tangled Dead Swan Leads to Call for Tackle Cleanup in Australia