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Australian Farmer Chased Down by Koala [VIDEO]

Apparently this koala has anger issues…

We all know Australia is full of amazing animals and odd-looking creatures. For example, the cute and cuddly koala bear usually comes to mind when thinking of the Land Down Under.

The koala in this video seems to be the exception. You see, he seems to be a little angry.

What you are about to see is something that is fairly unusual. As a matter of fact, in my life, I don’t believe I have ever actually seen a video of a koala moving, let alone running. Normally, they are just sitting in a tree.

You are about to see a koala not only running, but running down a woman on an ATV.

I’m sure most of us would be as shocked as the woman was as well if we saw a koala chasing us. Even more so if we thought it was in love like the lady did. Luckily she was on an ATV and could have easily just driven away.

So why in the world did she get off of the ATV?

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Australian Farmer Chased Down by Koala [VIDEO]