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Australian Family Wakes up to the Old Crocodile-in-the-Bathroom Gag

NT News

Family wakes up to crocodile in their bathroom!

File this one under a list of all-time legendary pranks. An Australian family was shocked to find someone came into their house just to leave a crocodile in the bathroom!

Whoever pulled the prank apparently didn’t want themselves or anyone else to get bitten. The animal’s mouth was secured shut. The owner of the home, Becky Myers found out about the 5 ½ foot reptile when one of tenants of the house sent a Snapchat message to Myer’s 16-year-old daughter Coralie.

UPI News

“I woke up like ‘what the hell? Am I dreaming? This can’t be real,” Coralie told a local news station. “I went into the bathroom and there’s a croc sitting there on my floor. I didn’t know if it was alive or not – its eyes were open but it wasn’t moving.”

It turned out to be a good thing the house had two bathrooms. “I didn’t want to close it but I really needed to go to the bathroom (it was) lucky we had another one in the house – only in Darwin,” Coralie told NT News.

At first, the tenant assumed the crocodile was left by Myers’ mother because she had been out fishing the day before. But then they realized there had actually been a late-night intruder. As weird as the crocodile in the bathroom was, the idea of someone in the house was worse for the Myers family.

“The croc didn’t creep me out, the fact someone came into our house freaked me out,” Coralie said.

It may have been more than one person responsible for the prank too. While the crocodile was in bad shape, NT News reported it would have taken at least two people to catch and restrain it. Tom Nichols, a local crocodile ranger said the animal was taken to a local farm.

“I don’t know if it was wild or escapee but it’s in pretty poor condition,” Nichols told NT News.

The motive for such a strange and creep prank is apparently still unknown at this time. But one thing is for sure, this family will never forget the morning they woke up to a crocodile in the bathroom!



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Australian Family Wakes up to the Old Crocodile-in-the-Bathroom Gag