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Australian Bowhunter Target of Animal Cruelty Claim for Killing Feral Cats

ABC Australia

Zach Slattery, after bowing feral cats in Australia, was publicly denounced after posting photos of his kills on social media.

While feral cats are a major issue across the world, they are specifically estimated “to kill tens of millions of native animals each year.” The damage they cause include the extinction of native mammals.

The Australian federal government has even launched a campaign against feral cats, claiming to wish to kill two million by 2020, according to ABC Australia. However, when Zach Slattery posted a photo of his daily take of feral cats by bow on social media, outrage followed.

The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia have distanced themselves from Slattery, stating that what they do is efficient, leaving a vague space in the sentence.

The SSAA admitted to ABC Australia that “the shooting of feral cats is, in fact, an unpleasant necessity,” which is something that is very true across the world.

Internet sleuths found his personal information and posted it online around Christmastime – since, Zach has received intense death threats and have had the police visit his home on multiple occasions. Slattery told ABC Australia that “some people don’t understand the effort and the shots [bowhunters] make are 100 percent humane, 99 percent of the time.”

Do you agree with Slattery’s individual culling methods?



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Australian Bowhunter Target of Animal Cruelty Claim for Killing Feral Cats