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Australia Puts $1 Million Bounty on Carp

Flickr / Shoko Muraguchi

Want to make $1 million and help control an invasive species? The Australian government might soon release a carp worth a very large bounty.

Invasive fish, such as carp, are quickly becoming a pandemic in waterways worldwide. Australia is taking a giant step to motivate anglers to rid its waters of the problem fish in return for a rather large bounty.

The idea is to tag one carp with a special microchip. The angler who catches it will receive $1 million when he or she turns in the fish and it is verified. They hope to raise the bounty money from sponsor contributions.

Two sponsors are already on board with the plan. Crownbet is offering up to three quarters of the money and Tourism NT is offering $250,000.

If the campaign is approved by the Parramatta Council, they plan to release the million-dollar carp into the Parramatta River.

David Borger, the Sydney Business Chamber Director in Western Sydney feels this is a win for anglers and the local economy.

A fish worth that much money is bound to draw anglers from across the continent looking for a chance to test their luck.

Australia already had success with a similar campaign in the Northern Territory. They tagged and released 75 barramundi worth $10 thousand each.

As fisherman tried to catch the tagged barramundi, they removed a lot of other invasive fish including carp, goldfish, and mosquito fish.

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Australia Puts $1 Million Bounty on Carp