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Australia Issues Kill Order After Shark Attack. Should the Carolinas as Well?

A kill order for one specific shark seems like a needle in a haystack, but…

After a recent shark attack off Lighthouse Beach, Australia, a kill order has been issued to track down an estimated 13-foot shark and remove it from the water by any means necessary.

There are conditions to this kill order though. A helicopter with a shark hunting crew has been dispatched but they can not intervene unless they are sure they have the right shark and it is a direct threat to beach-goers.

The surfer who was attacked by this shark received severe injuries to both his legs that has placed him in critical condition, requiring a blood transfusion due to blood loss.

According to this Australian news source, several attacks, including two fatal attacks from sharks in recent history, have also occurred in the same areas on this beach.

Seeing how seriously Australia is taking this shark attack, should North Carolina and South Carolina follow suite?

We understand that finding a single shark that attacked a human, in an ocean full of sharks might sound like an impossible task. However, this same method is deployed when bears, coyotes, mountain lions, or other predatory animals attack humans in other parts of the country, so why would this be any different?


With 10 shark attacks so far, maybe a little preventive action might be in order. However, staying the heck out of the water might be the best action to take right now.

CNN just published a news report calling the Carolinas a “perfect storm” of shark activity due to a variety of reasons. Maybe it’s time to close some beaches until the threat swims away.

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Australia Issues Kill Order After Shark Attack. Should the Carolinas as Well?