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Aussie Dude Does the Unthinkable: Leaps Onto Tiger Shark [VIDEO]

Watch what happens when a crazy Australian boater jumps onto the back of a tiger shark. 

In this clip, some dude name Brett does the unthinkable by leaping off a fishing boat onto the back of a man-eating tiger shark. Brett’s friend (not a very good one) is the instigator.

“Catch this tiger shark,” Brett’s buddy says nonchalantly in the clip. “Here it comes, it’ll only take your arm off don’t be shy.”

Yeah, I think these guys should have put down the Fosters and focused a little more on the fishing. No word yet on whether or not this guy’s bottom half is still intact.

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OK, we’ve all done some pretty stupid dares with our fishing and hunting buddies, but this one is pretty nuts. What’s the craziest dare you’ve followed through with while hunting, fishing or target shooting? Yes, we want to know. Share yours in the comments section.


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Aussie Dude Does the Unthinkable: Leaps Onto Tiger Shark [VIDEO]