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Aussies Plan to Use Aerial Drones to Drop Poison Bait for Feral Pigs

The Australians are taking a novel approach to solve their feral pig problem.

The country’s wildlife agencies plan to use unmanned aerial drones to drop poison baits in areas infested with feral pigs.

Each of the drones can carry up to seven kilos of poison bait. Using the cover of night, the drones fly out to areas where there are 30 to 40 roaming Australian feral pigs. The drones drop the bait, the hogs munch it up, and by morning they’re dead piggies.

“The pigs you know, eat like pigs as we say, they eat it and it gets rid of them,” Australian National Parks minister Steve Dickinson told the Brisbane Times.

Dickinson has dubbed the battle on Australian feral pigs “The Boar War.”Much like in the US, Australian feral pigs are destroying the country’s livestock and wildlife. The pests have nearly wiped out an entire species of endangered turtle.

“This is a full-on assault,” Dickinson said. “We want to minimize the impact on our turtles, because if we don’t, generations ahead may never ever get the chance to see a turtle.”

Australian Federal and state governments plan to put a collective AU $4 million towards eradicating feral pigs this year. Most of that money will be put towards helicopter sharpshooter programs.

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Aussies Plan to Use Aerial Drones to Drop Poison Bait for Feral Pigs