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Aussie Angler Lands Large Tiger Shark with a Handline [VIDEO]

Catching a large tiger shark with a handline takes it to a whole different level. 

So apparently Aussie fisherman just do things differently. Brendon Hilder was fishing for salmon with a handline on Shelley Beach, Australia when he noticed a large tiger shark pushing the salmon farther out to sea. After some quick thinking, he rigged up one of the salmon he caught, on a landline, and tossed it out in front of the cruising tiger shark. Just as soon as that shark caught the scent of the salmon, the fight was on.

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Almost two hours later and multiple cranks of his 200 pound handline, Hilder had worn the big 12-foot shark down to the point it could be beached for pictures and videos. The following videos by Albany Advertiser show the final moments of the battle when Hilder wins the war.


And this one…


Now that is an accomplishment for any angler. Being the sportsman that Hilder is, he wanted to quickly release the shark after a few quick pictures. Congrats on such an amazing fish and story to tell your grandkids!

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Aussie Angler Lands Large Tiger Shark with a Handline [VIDEO]