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Aussie Angler Finds Live Frog in Fish’s Throat

Aussie angler Angus James was surprised to find a live frog inside the mouth of a large jungle perch he caught while fishing in northern Queensland.

James discovered the frog when he opened the perch’s mouth to remove the lure.

“I was shocked,” James told “I thought it might have been grass at first, then it blinked.”

James took out his camera quickly snapped a photo of the frog, which looks like it’s smiling in the pic. It was probably happy that James gave it an opportunity to escape the deadly clutches the jungle perch’s stomach.

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After James snapped the photo, the live frog leapt out of the fish’s mouth over James’ head and back into the river.

He posted the pic of the unique find to Reptiles magazine’s Facebook page, and it has since gone viral.

In case you were wondering what the jungle perch looked like, here’s a pic of the impressive catch.


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Aussie Angler Finds Live Frog in Fish’s Throat