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Aussie Angler Catches Fish off His Balcony in Heavy Storm

Australian angler amazingly catches a fish off his balcony during a major storm.

Anglers will go through grave steps to catch fish sometimes, and this is no exception for this Australian angler who makes the most out of his situation.

This Australian fisherman felt like he should make the most of his bad-weather vacation and try what probably has not been done too many times before.

Yes, fishing off a balcony, and more so he actually catches a fish! What's funny to watch is when he releases the fish you can see he drops it into the flooded parking lot where the fish swims away.

The Australian floods and storms are the worst they have been in 30-years, but some folks just don't care.

Vincent Cotte made the most of his situation and claimed, "It's like Christmas," as he reeled the fish up to his balcony. "Look at 'em. There's heaps of fish," said Cotte.

It certainly was one of the few positive stories on the eastern coast of Australia as storms destroyed beach front house and condominiums. Homes on the Collaroy coast are among the areas affected by the storms that have been the worst in three decades.

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Aussie Angler Catches Fish off His Balcony in Heavy Storm