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Modified ATV Stolen from Wounded Vet in San Antonio

Overcoming obstacles in hunting is one of the most important aspects of finding success, and no one knows that better than Eric Edmundson. Unfortunately, the wounded veteran is facing yet another challenge, as his modified ATV that allowed him to go on hunting trips was stolen from a San Antonio hotel parking lot.

The 33-year old medically retired Army sergeant was injured in Iraq in 2005, and suffered traumatic brain injuries preventing him from walking or talking. Still, the modified ATV allowed Eric to continue participating in the sport he loved, but was unjustly taken away.

Edmundson and his family are from North Carolina, and were traveling through Texas hunting boar when the crime was committed.

The 2008 Polaris Ranger RZR and its aluminum trailer were taken from the La Quinta Inn on Utex Boulevard in Northwest San Antonio, according to

A custom adaptive shooting system, specialized for Edmundson’s use and attached to the ATV during hunts, was not stolen.

The San Antonio Police Department is relying on the public’s help to track down the stolen property. Anyone with information has been asked to call the city’s vehicle crimes unit at 210-207-7345 or Crimestoppers at 210-224-STOP.

It’s a shame that someone who worked so hard to rehabilitate and be able to get back into the hobbies he enjoyed before being injured has now had that ability taken away yet again. Here’s hoping someone out there has information that can reunite Edmundson and his ATV.

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Modified ATV Stolen from Wounded Vet in San Antonio