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Attention Fishermen: Meet Brooke Thomas

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Here's your chance to find out a little about who Brooke Thomas really is. 

There's a very good chance you have seen Brooke Thomas somewhere in the process of buying fishing gear, reading articles, or attending a fishing event. The fact of the matter is, Brooke Thomas is quickly becoming a central figure for females in the fishing industry.

Her personality shows behind every picture while her fishing skills are put on display after every impressive catch. Just in case you are one of the few that doesn't immediately recognize her face, you will soon. Don't worry.



Before getting the chance to talk with Brooke about her career in the fishing industry, I actually asked a few friends - the guys over at Throw 'N Thunder Lures - about what questions they would ask Brooke about fishing if they had a chance. A lot of good questions came out of this round table, but one central question emerged. We all wanted to know whether or not she actually was the fisherman that her photos might suggest.

I quickly realized how wrong this stereotype was. As Brooke said herself, after I first apologized for asking such a male-opinionated question;

This is actually a really interesting question and a topic that I think really needs addressing in the outdoor industry. Fishing is such a male-dominated sport and it is difficult to gain traction when there is a great amount of disbelief present due to my appearance. Really, the only way I deal with it is by staying confident in my skills as an angler and let that speak for itself.




Brooke started her fishing career at a very young age with her grandparents.

"They used to take me fishing on a few local lakes here in Florida...and also Costa Rica where they had a ranch" she said. "That's where my love of the water began."

From that point on, Brooke's career began to take off. She's been featured in Big Bass MonthlyGAFF Magazine, and multiple fishing and bowfishing calendars. You read that right, Brooke Thomas is really into bowfishing. I asked her exactly how she got into it in the first place.




"I started about six years ago when I went on a trip with Florida Bowfishing Charters and from there, it grew into a lifelong passion of mine," she said. "It combines hunting and fishing which is exciting and different."

Currently, Brooke is sponsored by Huk Gear and works with Bikini Bowfishing creating bowfishing calendars and DVDs. However, getting to this point hasn't been as easy as some might think. Trying to get established in the fishing industry is incredibly challenging for anyone, and it was tough for Brooke too.




"It's always hard to gain traction in a male-dominated industry as well as beat the stereotypes of being a petite girl, but honestly, when you love what you do, that shows. For me, it's not about what anyone thinks. I just do what I love and let that shine through. Genuine passion for what you do is hard to ignore."

So, after all this, you are probably wondering where the fishing talk is, right? Well, you have waited long enough. I asked Brooke what her proudest moment on the water was. Of course, a true test for any fisherman. Needless to say, her response was just about what I expected.




"I would say the tarpon I caught in 2014 with Tenacity Guide Service!" she exclaimed. "Definitely my favorite fish caught to date. Always a blast out there with them and that day stands out because I had wanted to catch a tarpon for a very long time and the way it all turned out was so perfect. The fish was beautiful, it was awesome weather, it all just came together that day and I'll never forget it!"

What Brooke forgot to mention was that tarpon was a monster, as you can see in her picture above and below. If you get a chance to talk to her yourself, she might also forget to mention that one day she hopes to run her own charter service so she can help clients land giants like the one she did with Tenacity.




With Brooke's large social media audience, she hopes to encourage other females to enter the fishing industry. For younger girls looking to follow in Brooke's footsteps, she has pretty special advice;

I would tell them to follow their dreams no matter what that dream is and to never let the opinions of others hold them back.

For now, you may get a chance to see Brooke Thomas at the Bassmaster Classic February 19-23 representing Huk, as well as the many social media sites that post her pictures daily.

Get ready fishing world, Brooke is getting ready to take over.

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Attention Fishermen: Meet Brooke Thomas