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Attention Captain Ahab: We’ve Found Your White Whale [VIDEO]

The white whale recently spotted in Russia is one of only four of its kind ever seen.

If only Captain Ahab were still around…

What’s that? He’s a fictional character? He never existed in real life? Well this white whale does, and it was captured on film and uploaded by Канал пользователя alazor1234.

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Erich Hoyt is the co-director of the Far East Russia Orca Project and research fellow with Whale and Dolphin Conservation, was able to capture the footage in the video above during a humpback whale project expedition.

Hoyt added some commentary:

In the Fourth Kuril Strait, between Onekotan and Paramushir islands, we met a large aggregation of orcas, but soon after we started photographing them for photo-IDs, the fog thickened. Soon, we couldn’t see anything further than hundred meters, so we stopped to listen for the sounds. Suddenly a group of orcas approached us, and right next to the boat, a white orca surfaced. It was not the famous Iceberg, but a small white orca, likely a juvenile. We soon lost the whale in the fog, but the image was fixed in our mind and in this short piece of video. We hope to meet more white orcas next year.

The running theory is that this and the other white orcas are albinos, but research hasn’t proven that’s the specific reason.

Studies will continue, and perhaps scientists will get to the bottom of these rare creatures.

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Attention Captain Ahab: We’ve Found Your White Whale [VIDEO]