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Jumping Fish Call in the Big Guns [VIDEO]

These jumping fish did their best to withhold a couple fishermen and their net.

These are the type of YouTube videos that drive us crazy: no location info, and no helpful description to fill in the gaps.

That’s alright, it’s still a great clip of, well, fish going berserk.

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And you won’t believe the smack one big fish gives this angler. Watch and see what happens:

Comments have been disabled, but here’s hoping the video, uploaded by dblred0728, gets a little more explanation sometime soon.

Fish jump out of the water for various reasons, but we can’t really pinpoint why they are in this video. Perhaps they were startled by the makeshift boat or the angler with the fishing net.

Whatever the case, those were some excited fish, and that big one that slapped the fisherman in the face was doing his best for the entire fish race.

Why do you think the fish were jumping so much?

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Jumping Fish Call in the Big Guns [VIDEO]