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What Ate This 9-Foot Great White Shark? [VIDEO]

Just over a year ago, some unknown creature ate this 9-foot great white shark. Here are some interesting facts and theories about what might have happened.

Last year, a tracking tag that had been attached to a nine-foot long great white shark washed up on the beach in Australia. Scientists who discovered the tag determined that it had been severely bleached in stomach acid, leading them to believe that something had killed and eaten the shark.

There are some very interesting theories as to what could have done this.

Though some people are jumping the conclusion that a megalodon ate this shark, my first thought was that the shark was killed and eaten by a larger great white shark.

During the attack, it is very possible that the tracking tag was damaged and started transmitting inaccurate data. Who knows?

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What Ate This 9-Foot Great White Shark? [VIDEO]