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Ataman AP16: The Air Pistol Designed for Hunting

ataman ap16

Double the fun in small game hunting when you bring out the the Ataman AP16 Air Pistol.

The Russian gunsmiths of Ataman have done it again. Their reliable, one-of-a-kind airguns, have always been a fan favorite, but this air pistol is just off-the-charts awesome.

Below is a first look at the Ataman AP16 with a great review of some of the key characteristics of the gun.

This air pistol is set up for hunting and with an integrated regulator. As the video describes, most integrated regulator pistols are designed to shoot .177 pellets roughly ten meters. They shoot at a slower velocity, which helps with accuracy. The Ataman AP16 is set up with a 300 bar fill which, again, as the video describes, you won’t be able to take your 3000 psi fill bottles and cascade fill them.

The Ataman AP16 will require you to fill it with a hill pump. As described, however, it is simple and easy to use. With the high pressure and the integrated regulator, you will be able to shoot more shots at a high velocity more often with less trips to the pump.

The Ataman AP16 shoots a .22 caliber pellet and is recommended to shoot dome or hollowpoint pellets. With the revolver type design and side lever action, anything other than the hollow point or dome, may stick out and obstruct the functionality of the pistol.

Looks like I may be setting my ten pump aside for a bit and picking one of these up for my next squirrel hunt. It is described as being light and comfortable and with it’s pressure it is obviously fast. Shooting basically 600 fps with a free floating barrel, it’s obvious accuracy and energy won’t be an issue when you take this to the field.

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Ataman AP16: The Air Pistol Designed for Hunting