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ATA Trade Show Kicks Off

The Archery Trade Association (ATA) is holding their annual ATA Trade Show in Nashville through January 8, 2014.

The event brings everyone in the archery trade together for a huge conference, showing off the latest gear, bringing innovations to the forefront and unveiling the newest lines being offered to dealers in the coming year.

All of the top names will be at the ATA Trade Show, including additional scheduled events like the Beer and Gear Exchange Monday night and the International Reception welcoming members from overseas. Extensive demonstration areas give attendees a chance to interact with new equipment with a hands-on approach.

The ATA has emerged as the leading organization in US archery, and has provided support and promotion for the sport since its inception in 1947. Over the years they have grown bow and arrow interest, which seemed to have peaked lately with the frequency of archers showing up in mainstream mediums. With the help of Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games and others like her, the ATA has seen an influx of participation in recent years. That participation is mirrored by the growth of the ATA Trade Show as a whole.

Thirty free seminars will help attendees and their businesses, with guidance in the practices, marketing and most effective uses of ranges and retail space. The show’s “Archery Retail Academy” is just what it sounds like: an opportunity for business owners to learn how they can make the most of their position as bowhunting and archery providers.

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Follow (the association’s newest content site), #ATA2014 on Twitter for recent updates from attendees and the ATA itself, and if you’re a retailer or business owner, consider the value of the show for future years; it is entirely worth the trip if you can make it happen.

Are any of you at the show, or have you attended in past years? Let us know your thoughts on the event in the comments below.


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ATA Trade Show Kicks Off