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ATA Exclusive: New Browning Prototype Knife is Aimed Directly at Bowhunters

Photos by Alex Burton

Browning has a prototype knife in the works that will be a must-have for any serious bowhunter.

One of the best parts about attending shows like the ATA is seeing the latest stuff to hit the market, and every once in a while sneak peeks into future products.

Browning had one of those sneak peeks at this years ATA with a new knife aimed directly at bowhunters.

Among the other great things Browning has in store for the 2016 calendar year, they had some new knives laid out at their booth. One specifically caught my eye: a mid-sized pocket folder with a few other uniquely chosen tools to compliment it.

I spoke with Diane Carver, Product Manager for Browning Knives and Lights, to find out more about it.

Carver informed me it was one of the latest prototype knives their company had been designing specifically for bowhunters. They had brought it along to the show to get some input from fellow bowhunters about whether or not they liked it and would use it if it became available on the market. She picked it up and handed it over to let me give my input.


Although it is technically a multi-tool, it looks and feels just like a folding pocket knife. Besides the roughly 4-inch blade with thumb stud, the handle houses about eight various-sized allen wrenches and tools for tweaking or removing accessories on your bow while in the field.

The coolest of these tools I thought was a sharpener and broadhead wrench combo. They both slide out together from a small slot on the knife handle. Even in its prototype stage, all the tools were very easy to access and use if needed.

While this isn’t necessarily a new idea, I haven’t seen any that include a removable sharpener.

Since it is a prototype, Carver told me they haven’t named the knife yet or made the final decision whether they will move towards production. She did inform me they want the knife to be within the price range of around $30-$50 so it will be affordable for everyone.

Hopefully they go through with it. I could definitely see this as something any bowhunter would like to own and at least keep in their pack if needed.

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ATA Exclusive: New Browning Prototype Knife is Aimed Directly at Bowhunters