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ATA Show 2016's Nose Jammer Scent Control Could Change Your Hunting Game


Nose Jammer scent control spray uses science to combat your games' senses, locking down your scent in a whole new way.

A constant debate in the deer hunting world is scent control and the best way to go about it. Most scent blocker sprays simply try to mask our distinctly out of place smell, but Nose Jammer overloads a deer's nose to almost completely eliminate it.

A deer's nose is its greatest weapon for detecting hunters in an area. When they sniff the air, scent molecules are collected on their sensitive nose hairs, leaving behind traces of that particular odor. These are then cleaned to make room for the next batch to attach next. Nose Jammer exploits this by overloading the hairs with molecules faster than they can be cleaned.

One of the representatives from their ATA Booth explained it me like this: "When you first walk into a restaurant, your nose is overpowered by the smell of food, but after a few minutes, you don't even notice it anymore. That is exactly what Nose Jammer is doing to the deer."


Their spray uses little different system than by just spraying it on to overload their senses.

Before walking into the woods, you should spray your body down lightly to mask your trail. After arriving at your tree, spray the base before climbing into your stand. Spray yourself and surrounding parts of the tree. This essentially create a scent bubble that the deer can no longer smell you through within minutes of its arrival anywhere around you.

One thing I truly liked is that the spray has an almost sweet scent to it and doesn't leave you smelling like you rolled around in 10 bags of potting soil at the end of the day like most scent blockers.

The spray is available in a 6-ounce can for $15.99 and 2-ounce version for $6.99.

For a complete line-up of all their products, including their new predator line visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter where they give away free hats for submissions of photos of game taken while using Nose Jammer.

After talking to the company myself and seeing the numerous success stories from users, I honestly believe this is something that all serious hunters should at least look into trying. I definitely plan on putting the sample they gave me to the test next deer season.

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ATA Show 2016's Nose Jammer Scent Control Could Change Your Hunting Game