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From the ATA Show 2016 Floor: New, Improved Trail Cameras

At the Archery Trade Association Show, some of our favorite vendors are introducing various new trail cameras everyone should see. 

Trail cameras are one of the fastest innovating products in the hunting industry. Every year trail camera companies are pushing the envelope and they’re doing a great job.

At the ATA show I’ve been able to get my hands on some of the newest cameras for the upcoming year. There has been so much information that has emerged in the past two days for trail cameras. Two major trends have been occurring with trail camera for the next year are smaller and sleeker and models that offer mobile updates.

So here’s a glimpse at some of the new trail cameras announced at the ATA Show 2016.

1. Moultrie

ATA Show 2016 Moultrie

Moultrie created various new and improved cameras for the upcoming year. This model is the A-20i a camera that will retail under the $100 dollar mark. It offers some serious clarity with a 12 mega-pixel camera. However, possibly the biggest news from Moultrie is the Moultrie Mobile. With a Moultrie field modem, hunters will be able to get pictures sent to them directly through the Verizon mobile network.

Moultrie ATA Show

2. Spypoint


Spypoint’s big buzz is the trigger speed in their newly-released cameras: it’s a millisecond, coming in at 0.07 seconds. The camera has a solar panel that works to power the device. If the camera isn’t getting enough power from the sun rays, double A batteries kick in.

Spypoint has also released a new mobile trail camera to send mobile updates.

3. Browning

Browning Trail Cameras

Browning has come out with new and improved cameras for the upcoming year featuring new camouflage skins and opening mechanisms.

4. Minox


Minox cameras might be the thinnest of them all. The DTC 400 Slim isn’t currently available, but will be available later this spring/summer.


5. Bushnell

IMG_0977 Bushnell trail cameras have innovated two new trail cameras for the upcoming year. Trail Cam HD Essential E2 will be available the upcoming year. With 8AA batteries, the camera will last up to 18 months.

Browning Trail Camera

Bushnell has also released a new mobile trail camera for the year along with the many other companies. The camera boasts a 12 mega-pixel camera along with a 0.4 trigger speed.

6. Stealth Cam


GXW is the Stealth Cam’s wireless camera. The pictures will go straight to the Stealth Cam App.


Stealth Cam also introduced a handful of new cameras that are smaller and more sophisticated.

Stealth Cam

7. Reconyx

ATA Show 2016

Reconyx is introducing a new trail camera that features a unique design and shape. The camera boasts a sleek surveillance that essentially breaks down into three parts: the camera, battery, and bottom casing.

ATA Show 2016

This is just a glimmer of the various trail cameras that are fresh for the market this year.

Some of the camera are ready for purchase, while other are headed to a retailer nearby. Stay tuned for more updates from the ATA show.


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From the ATA Show 2016 Floor: New, Improved Trail Cameras