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ATA Debuts

The ATA debuts to popularize and familiarize archery.

The Archery Trade Association (ATA) has made a push for mainstreaming the archery movement with, a newly unveiled website, aimed at teens and young adults new to archery and bow hunting.

Thanks to pop culture and a collection of recent Hollywood films, archery has risen in its status as fringe sport, and the absence of a collaborative, informative website to help introduce newbies was discovered by the ATA.

"The information was and is out there, but it's scattered around the online space and it's not always written or presented in a way that appeals to this age demographic," said Jay McAninch, ATA president and CEO, in a news release. "Archery 360 takes these great beginner resources -- many created by our member companies and partner organizations -- and puts them all in one spot where young people can find them."

Now people just beginning to find out about archery are able to learn how to do it, what to supply themselves with, where to participate, and even stay up to date with competition and industry news.

A shop locator and an events calendar are also featured on the site.

For anyone interested in archery, especially young adults curious about what they saw Katniss Everdeen do in the Hunger Games, Archery 360 hopes to become a regular online destination.

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ATA Debuts