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ATA 2015: Here’s Why You Will Want BowTech’s New Carbon Icon

BowTech sure is leading the pack when it comes to high quality archery equipment. The BowTech Carbon Icon is no exception.

BowTech created a lot of buzz at this year’s ATA 2015. They won the marketing game with plenty of promotions before the event even started. Dealers and guests of the show were all aware BowTech had some pretty impressive stuff up their sleeve, and naturally, they didn’t disappoint. Anytime someone from BowTech grabbed a microphone to make another announcement, a large crowd quickly gathered, not wanting to miss a single word.

One of those announcements that couldn’t be missed, was the arrival of the Carbon Icon.


Jeff Eastburn, the sales operations manager from BowTech, sat down with me for a few minutes at the show to discuss what makes the new Carbon Icon the bow that just reset the standard.

“The Carbon Icon is our new mid-priced high performance bow,” said Eastburn. It comes bare built or rack equipped. It has our binary cams system on it, but this year we added the addition of PowerShift. What this technology allows the hunter to do is take the PowerDisc, flip it over, and change from an aggressive draw to a smooth draw. This will change the speeds but also change the way the bow feels, based on your hunting situation.”

All that sounds great, right? However I’m not the most high tech guy alive, so my first question after hearing this was, Alright, how complicated is it?

Eastburn laughed a little. Apparently that’s a common question.

“It’s super easy. Take out three screws with a standard Allen, and turn. Then just put the screws back in. That’s it,” he explained.

So how about the guys that just want a great quality bow and not mess with putting it all together?

“It’s offered as a rack package, fully equipped, in either Mossy Oak Break-Up Country or BlackOps,” he continued. “The stabilizer has a free floating tube inside which helps minimize any vibration.”

Okay, okay. Sales are sales. What makes this bow really different?

Eastburn was ready for this.

Jeff Eastburn with the Carbon Icon

“This bow is extremely lightweight,” he said. “It also doesn’t have the same kind of feel to it in cold weather as opposed to others based on the composition of the Carbon Knight Riser. It just doesn’t feel cold to the touch in very cold weather. It all can be customized with perfect synchronization thanks to the Binary Cam system. There are a ton of features packed in this high quality, great shooting bow.”

As far as the specs go, it has a brace height of 7″, draw weights of 50, 60, and 70 lb., a 26.5″ – 30.5″ draw length, it’s 31″ from axle to axle, and shoots 335 feet per second.

I currently am in the market for a new bow for the 2015 season. For a mid-range price point of just $749, the Carbon Icon has been moved to the top of my list, and based on the reactions from ATA 2015, lots of other people’s lists, too.

Photo’s courtesy of BowTech, ATA, and Brad Smith

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ATA 2015: Here’s Why You Will Want BowTech’s New Carbon Icon