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At This Colorado Restaurant, the Waitresses Pack Heat [VIDEO]

Don’t mess with the staff at Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado.

All nine of the waitresses at the family-owned diner wear sidearms on their hips while they serve customers.

Owner Lauren Bobet, 27, was the first person at her restaurant to carry a sidearm on her hip at work. Her staff thought it was a fun idea. Soon after, all them were packing heat.

The waitresses carry a variety of sidearms, including Glock semi-automatics and a Rueger Blackhawk .357 six-shooter.

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“We don’t worship guns, we worship Jesus,” Bobet told USA Today. “We’re here to serve people.”

Shooter’s Grill garnered national media attention in late June after a reporter was sent to cover the restaurant. Word of the pistol-packing staff and the restaurant’s good food have travelled far and wide.

Items on the menu include the M16 burrito, the Smith & Wesson grilled cheese and the Locked and Loaded nachos.

Gun-toting waitresses aren’t out of the ordinary for the local community. The town of Rifle – located 180 miles west of Denver -is a popular hub for hunting. The town is home to several hunters, outfitters and gun-friendly citizens.

This video from USA Today has more of the story:

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At This Colorado Restaurant, the Waitresses Pack Heat [VIDEO]