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We Asked 100 Bowhunters What's Most Important in a Broadhead

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We asked 100 bowhunters what is most important to them when it comes to deciding on a broadhead. 

When it comes to choosing a broadhead, what is most important to you, may not be the same for others. I'll never stop wishing I had a more penetrating broadhead the day I shoulder shot the largest velvet buck of my life. I also wish many times that I had a larger cutting diameter broadhead when blood trails get scarce.

There are many situations in my past where I was using a broadhead, known for one thing, but needed one known for something else. It wasn't until I began testing out the Afflictor Broadheads that I felt I may have found a broadhead capable of so many things in one. My curiosity then got the best of me and I wondered what it is that most bowhunters look for in a broadhead.

We placed a poll on several different forums and social media groups and had just over 100 hunters respond. Below is a chart of the combined data in which I found.

broadhead chart

By a significant amount, most hunters prefer a broadhead that is accurate and I have to agree. If I am accurate and place the shot correctly none of the other factors should matter. Surprisingly, two hunters placed cost as their most important factor in choosing a broadhead.

I also asked in the same poll if hunters preferred mechanical broadheads or fixed blade broadheads. The results came back with 57% in favor of mechanical and 43% in favor of fixed blade.

I have shot both mechanical and fixed blade and both have their advantages. When it comes to choosing the right broadhead for you, know your style and what would best fit your needs. As always, practice makes perfect so make sure you have plenty of practice in before the season unfolds.

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We Asked 100 Bowhunters What's Most Important in a Broadhead