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Tips on How to Really Ask Permission to Hunt on Private Land

Sometimes the best harvests are found on private land, so what do you do when you don't have your own land? Ask for permission!

Asking for permission to hunt on private land can be a daunting task. Most landowners, especially if they hunt themselves, are very particular about who can hunt and what they will receive in return. In some cases, landowners will ask for a portion of the meat for the kill if they allow you to hunt, and sometimes, the answer will be a flat no.

However, sometimes all landowners need is just a little help tending to said land. As you get up in age, that acreage becomes more of a hassle than a help. So, here are a few tools that can help you in quest of asking permission to hunt on private land.

Does the landowner need help clearing brush? 

If you notice that there is always an awful lot of brush around the land, like large branches or random felled trees from storms, trade a day's hunt with a day's work of clearing the brush.

Take your ATV/UTV out to the property to make the most of your time. If you're in need of a few fixes for your own vehicle, Cabela's Utility Equipment section is exactly where you should start.

To successfully clear brush, check out the Brush Grubber if you don't have your own and maximize your time on the property. Remember, helping that landowner clear brush will inevitably help your own hunt, too.


What will you do with all of those logs you're bound to find? Well you could split them all by yourself, or you could look into the Earthquake Log Splitter that will no doubt come in handy on your own property, too.


Does the property need general upkeep? 

Earn your good karma now in the summer months by offering to mow the landowner's acres. Chances are, building up the good deed points will pay off big time when it comes time to ask them for a chance to hunt their property.

Give your own lawn mower an upgrade that will benefit both you and the landowner by checking out Cabela's Mowers & Accessories corner that includes items like new seats (you know you need one), and leaf collectors to boot.

Perhaps part of that general upkeep is general landscaping. Chances are, you have your own property to tend to so offering to give a helping hand in this department isn't too much of a stretch. Make sure your machinery is in tip-top shape by popping over to Cabela's Tractor Equipment section.

Remember, a smile and an honest conversation always helps build trust between the landowner and yourself. Fresh-baked cookies never hurt either, just saying.


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Tips on How to Really Ask Permission to Hunt on Private Land