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Ash Cloud Engulfs Hikers in Intense Footage [VIDEO]

Hikers on Mount Ontake in Japan are engulfed by a huge ash cloud following an eruption in this intense video.

Japan is one of the earth’s most seismically active countries and has occasional volcanic eruptions. However, there have been no fatalities from eruptions in Japan since 1991. Sadly, that statistic is going to be changed. The most recent eruption on Mount Ontake is feared to have killed over 40 people which would make this eruption the most deadly in Japan since 1926.

This re-mastered video of the ash cloud was uploaded by M. Avi Oren and shows the massive cloud rushing down the volcano’s slope towards the retreating hikers.

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Volcanic eruptions are incredibly difficult to predict so these hikers likely had very little warning of the impending ash cloud and eruption. Mount Ontake is Japan’s second most active volcano and had its last major eruption in 1979.

To read more about this eruption and the ash cloud, go here.

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Ash Cloud Engulfs Hikers in Intense Footage [VIDEO]