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Ascension Bay Permit, Or No Permit at All?

This day in Ascension Bay shows just how much fun 'the chase' for permit can be!

Anglers looking to target large permit on the fly always find themselves looking up plane tickets to Ascension Bay quite frequently. It is a place that has become famous for permit, bonefish, and tarpon. Often these three species can be targeted and landed all in the same day!

"In the competitive, passion and Adrenaline inducing sport of Saltwater Fly Fishing, many fishermen become obsessed about holding the biggest, perfect, most difficult to catch fish on front of the camera and snap their bragging rights for the pre-dinner margarita lubricated Fish-talk."

This video breaks down 'the chase' and asks the viewer some very serious questions about why they fish. These types of questions always get me thinking about my own motives while I am on the water. Am I there to cross a fish off a checklist of fish species that I have in my head?

Am I there in that moment to impress someone else? Or, am I there because I love the thrill and the adventure that comes with stepping out on the water in the morning and not knowing what type of craziness is going to have occurred by the end of the day?

I hope to find that at the end of life it is clear to me why I partook in 'the chase'; for the enjoyment of the experience, and not for the trophy.


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Ascension Bay Permit, Or No Permit at All?