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Artist Creates Unnerving Taxidermy with Human Faces [VIDEO]

Artist Kate Clark takes throwaway animal skins and uses them to create taxidermy with a twist. 

Artist Kate Clark doesn't want her art to be frightening but it is a little difficult. She practices traditional taxidermy but she sculpts the animal's face into human features.

The result is a bit unnerving and the background music doesn't help.

Kate Clark creates her taxidermy pieces much like traditional taxidermists do, by stitching together the hides and making the animal "exactly the way it was in nature." Well, kind of.

Clark puts a creative, but unnerving, addition to her art. Kate Clark uses clay to sculpt the faces of her taxidermy into human faces. She repurposes hides that would normally not be used by taxidermists or hunters because they have been blemished or damaged in some way.

She isn't trying to make her art monstrous. Instead, she is challenging the viewer to have a connection with the animal, not unlike our ancestors who hunted them had. She thinks that in this modern world we have lost the connection to some of the animals we kill and this is her attempt to reconnect.

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Artist Creates Unnerving Taxidermy with Human Faces [VIDEO]