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FPSRussia Makes a Jackson Pollack with a Gold Desert Eagle [VIDEO]

desert eagle modern art

A Desert Eagle is good for all sorts of things, including painting a modern art masterpiece.

Not only is a Gold Desert Eagle extremely expensive and cool looking, but apparently you can paint with it, as FPSRussia demonstrates in this video.

WARNING: the video includes some graphic language.

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Best quote of the whole video: "I don't know what you would do with this normally; maybe you would shoot a bear with it... or maybe a very angry man." He's right on both counts, though it is not the ideal choice for either.

The .50 Action Express (AE) cartridge can fire a 300gr bullet at over 1,500 feet per second. This load produces a staggering 1,600 foot pounds of energy (compared to ~400-500 foot pounds from a .45 ACP). It would do a number on a bear (just look what it did to those cement blocks), if you could hit what you're aiming at.

I've shot a Desert Eagle chambered in .50 AE, and the recoil it produces is ridiculous. The gun is difficult to shoot accurately and is not a good choice for an inexperienced shooter. However, I'm very impressed with how well he shoots it.

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Ever shot a Desert Eagle before? Leave your responses in the comments below.

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FPSRussia Makes a Jackson Pollack with a Gold Desert Eagle [VIDEO]