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The New Arrow ID 5000 is the Rangefinder That Every Bowhunter Needs

Image via Nikon Sport Optics

Laser rangefinders are amazingly capable, and the Arrow ID 5000 might be the best yet.

Nikon has released their new Arrow ID 5000 Laser Rangefinder with ID (Incline/Decline) Technology that will make any bowhunter more successful.

This technology automatically tells you what distance to aim to hit your target. There’s no need to do these calculations on your own, and no difference in flat ground shooting and incline/decline shooting.

The new Arrow ID 5000 also incorporates Tru-Target Technology that lets the hunter target multiple targets at once or move across the landscape to get different measurements.arrow_id_user-friendly

The Rangefinder itself is well built. Simple seems to be the goal with the Arrow ID 5000. Looking through the optic, the LCD screen is clear and not crowded.

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You will see distances in .1 yard increments to a maximum distance of 600 yards, battery status, and whether the shot is angled or not.

Using Nikon’s multicoated optics, the Arrow ID 5000 offers 6x zoom capabilities and is waterproof/fogproof.

It is lightweight at just 6.2 ounces, but is built to be rugged and easily fits inside a pocket. It also comes with a RealTree APG® neoprene case with a carrying strap to hang on your shoulder once you get in your stand.


MSRP on this new rangefinder is $279.99 and it is backed by Nikon’s 2-year warranty. If you are looking for a high quality rangefinder to help you out this deer season, the new Nikon Arrow ID 5000 deserves a look.

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In my opinion, a rangefinder is one piece of hunting gear that every bowhunter should have.

Having a rangefinder eliminates guesswork and reduces the chance of injuring and animal and then losing it. It makes you a more responsible hunter and increases the chances of bringing home your game.


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The New Arrow ID 5000 is the Rangefinder That Every Bowhunter Needs