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Arrive in Style with These DIY Bullet Casing Cufflinks

Turn those old spent casings in to explosive style.

Have you ever been at the range, popping shot after shot, watching brass buzz all around you then fall to the ground with an anti-climatic “ping”, and think that there must be something to do with all those spent casings?

Collecting and reloading is an option, but who has time for that when you need to be out painting the town?

If you often find yourself in this dilemma, then check out the video below for the answer to your problem with these bullet casing cufflinks.

With some basic tools and a little elbow grease, your favorite casings can be turned in to a stylistically aggressive statement sure to catch some eyes.

The cufflink blanks can be found on an auction site or by a simple internet search. And if you aren’t the cufflink type then I guarantee a set would make for a sweet and unexpected gift for any cufflink wearing cowboy you might know.

So what do you have to lose? Get out there and give it a shot, with no pun intended to dress to impress with your new bullet casing cufflinks.


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Arrive in Style with These DIY Bullet Casing Cufflinks