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Army Plans on Fielding the XM25 "Smart" Grenade Launcher by 2017


After years of testing and development, the Army announced that they will field the XM25 grenade launcher by 2017.

Orbital ATK is wrapping up the development of the revolutionary XM25 grenade launcher and it should be ready to be fielded by the Army in 2017. The XM25 is a man-portable 25mm grenade launcher with an advanced fire control system that will give American soldiers a significant edge on the battlefields of the future.

XM25 can carry a magazine of up to five 25mm grenade rounds. It also has a fire-control system that enables the operator to program the distance at which the grenade will travel before exploding. This makes it ideal for engaging a target inside a building or hiding behind a wall.

The soldier using XM25 merely has to use the integrated laser range finder to determine the distance to the target. The soldier can then add or subtract from that range in order to have the grenade explode at the desired location. For instance, the soldier can set the grenade to explode at 251 yards in order to target an enemy combatant hiding behind a wall 250 yards away.

The fire control system on the XM25 automatically adjusts the sights of the weapon to hit a target at the desired range. The soldier merely has to aim where they want the grenade to hit after determining the range to the target.

Army units deployed to Afghanistan have tested the system under actual combat conditions twice: once in 2010 and once in 2013. Though the XM25 was not without problems, it received high praise from soldiers who used it and it is hoped that the problems originally identified with the system have now been fixed.

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Army Plans on Fielding the XM25 "Smart" Grenade Launcher by 2017