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The Off-Road Vehicle You’ve Always Wanted: Army Humvees Now Up for Auction

Army Humvee
All Images from Gov Planet

Army Humvees, the outdoors vehicle you have always wanted, are now available for purchase.

Most outdoorsmen have always looked at the Army Humvee as the ultimate outdoors vehicle. While they may not technically be the best outdoors vehicles on the market, the Army Humvee is still one of the coolest. Until now, actually owning an Army Humvee has been something that you can only dream about but since Dec. 17 demilitarized Army Humvees have been for sale to the general public.

Yes, you read that right, the Army Humvees that are for sale have been demilitarized. That means that they have had any military attachments or bullet-proof armor removed before they are offered for sale.

But they are still great outdoors vehicles in outstanding working condition for off-road use, which is the other main flaw in the sale of the Army Humvees, they will NOT be considered street-legal. When you win an auction for a decommissioned Army Humvee you will not receive a title for the vehicle and you will also be required to submit documents stating exactly how you plan to use your Army Humvee. So, buying one for daily driving is not exactly an option.

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While this does limit the uses of the Army Humvee, it can still be a great vehicle for a farm, or large hunting property and looks like it can be a ton of fun. The bids start at $10,000 and are currently for sale. Here are a few examples of these kick-ass off-road vehicles.

AM General M998 Humvee HMMWV


1991 AM General M998 Humvee HMMWV

humvee 2

1987 AM General M998 Humvee HMMWV


1992 AM General M1038 Humvee HMMWV


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The Off-Road Vehicle You’ve Always Wanted: Army Humvees Now Up for Auction