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Watch Armless Archer Matt Stutzman Use His Toes to Shoot Bows [VIDEO]

Matt Stutzman is one of the world’s best archers. He was also born without arms. 

Not satisfied with your last archery season? Think upgrading your equipment is the key to getting better? Watching Matt Stutzman shoot might just change your mind about what makes a good archer.

Born without arms, but otherwise healthy, Matt was adopted by parents that pushed him to adapt to the “normal” world. They could change the house to accommodate him but the rest of the world wouldn’t couldn’t be counted on to change for him.

He learned to use his feet and toes to do those things the rest of us do with our arms and hands.


“Disabled,” or “handicapped” are words you won’t hear Matt Stutzman use. Growing up on a farm, he carried feed buckets to calves. He played sports in school, learned to ride a bike and eventually to drive a car. His dad archery-hunted deer, so Matt worked odd jobs to buy his first bow at age 16.

This amazing archer uses off the shelf products to shoot. His bow and release are the same ones you can buy. The only modification is a strap that keeps his release in place, and he shoots while sitting down.

Matt won a silver medal at the 2012 London Paralympic Games, and set a world record by hitting a bulls-eye from a distance of 230 yards.

He’s married, has three sons, and makes appearances for his sponsors and at outdoor events. Read more about Matt, the Armless Archer, at his webpage.

And he practices. A lot. He’d probably tell you that’s the real key to getting better.

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Watch Armless Archer Matt Stutzman Use His Toes to Shoot Bows [VIDEO]