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Armless Archer Gives BuzzFeed an Archery Lesson


Record-holding Matt “The Armless Archer” Stutzman talks how he started doing archery and the obstacle of shooting a bow with no arms.

 It always amazes me the adversity we as a species are capable of overcoming. Whether it is a mental, physical, or any other issue, with enough willpower, we will find a way. Matt Stutzman has done just that by competitively shooting a bow with no arms.

Not only can he shoot a bow, Matt is the current world record holder of the longest accurate shot in history. If that is not inspirational then I don’t know what is.

In the video below this amazing Armless Archer shows the guys from BuzzFeed how he shoots his bow and a few other tasks he has learned to do without arms.

I find it simply amazing that he wanted to get into archery to begin with, and teaching himself must have been a challenge all on its own. His attitude about actually taking the sport serious enough to want to earn his sponsorship instead of being used as a publicity stunt makes him a greater person for people to look up to.

We need more people like Matt to show others with or without disabilities that you can’t let anything hold you back. Especially if you have a passion you want to follow.



The Armless Archer Hits a Cheez-It at 100 Yards [VIDEO]

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Armless Archer Gives BuzzFeed an Archery Lesson