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Armed and Prepared Las Vegas Teen Saves Younger Siblings From Home Intruders [VIDEO]

An armed 14-year-old boy saved himself and his younger siblings from two home intruders.

As parents, you teach your children how to safely handle a gun more so out of hopes that they will not injure themselves when you’re not around. A teen in Las Vegas, Nevada took his father’s lessons and used a rifle to protect himself and his younger siblings from two home intruders.

Andrew Mason, age 14, was home alone with his 6-year-old siblings when he heard two men beating on their front door. He immediately took his brother and sister into an upstairs closet and called the police, not forgetting to grab his rifle along the way.

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

According to Andrew’s father, Kieawa Mason, the children were all taught exactly what to do in this situation.

“He taught me what to do. I had a rifle and I had a cell phone, called 911. I was just prepared for it,” Andrew told KSNV.

The suspects started loading items into their silver vehicle parked out front. One of the suspects eventually found Andrew and his siblings in the closet, and ran when he noticed the rifle.

“I had my gun loaded and ready to shoot, but when he saw me he just took off running,” Andrew told KVVU.

Shortly after the intruders left, Kieawa received a call from his son informing him of the incident. Kieawa told KVVU that he was very proud of his son’s response to the intruders.

“He’s excellent. He did everything perfectly. [He] couldn’t have done better, and he’s actually a hero.”

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Armed and Prepared Las Vegas Teen Saves Younger Siblings From Home Intruders [VIDEO]