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Armed Neighbor Stops Beating and Attempted Rape

An armed neighbor saves a victim from a brutal sexual attack.

A woman asleep in her apartment in Jacksonville, Florida was brutally attacked early Monday morning. The suspect, who has been identified as 57-year-old Zachary Richardson, broke into her apartment and began to repeatedly punch her in the face while yelling that he was about to rape her.

At some point before the attack, a neighbor noticed Richardson setting down a TV next to his van before re-entering the apartment. The neighbor told authorities that he thought his actions were suspicious so he grabbed his handgun and followed him.

The neighbor saw Richardson through the window and told authorities "...(He) thought the suspect was trying to kill the victim due to the extreme and brutal violence of the battery," according to the report.

The neighbor then fired a warning shot into the air, scaring Richardson away from the victim.

The victim had filed a restraining order against Richardson one day prior to the attack after being stalked for years. She also informed authorities that there had been at least one other attempted rape in the past after Richardson visited a store that she was working at.

Richardson was found several hours later parked outside a home on Stockton Street and was arrested and charged with sexual battery, burglary to a dwelling with battery and violation of a restraining order against domestic violence.

Though the victim was severely beaten, police claim that she refused an ambulance. It is unknown at this time if she sought out her own medical attention but she is expected to recover.

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Armed Neighbor Stops Beating and Attempted Rape