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Armed Grandma Chases Robbers from California Jewelry Store

Watch as this armed grandma chases armed robbers out of her jewelry store. I guarantee that is not how those guys pictured the robbery ending!

This group of five armed robbers probably picked this jewelry store in Garden Grove, California because they thought it would be an easy target. Well, they got a whole lot more than they bargained for! Security camera footage captured the incident on video and shows an armed grandma chasing the robbers out of her store just seconds after they enter it.

Watch the video to see the reaction of the robbers when confronted by this grandma with a gun. They looked like the 3 Stooges piling up on the door trying to get out of there!

Those guys weren't nearly as tough when they found themselves staring down the barrel of a gun and they couldn't get out of that store fast enough!

Three shots were fired during the incident: one by the robbers into the ceiling of the store and two by the woman. However, nobody was injured.

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Armed Grandma Chases Robbers from California Jewelry Store