The Armed Citizen Series: The Tactical Reload and When to Use it

Learn the tactical reload, and, more important, when it's appropriate.

The Sig Sauer Academy demonstrates the tactical reload, and it's a drill you want to learn if you carry concealed.

Previously in this series we covered the emergency reload, which is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible when there is an immediate threat.

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The tactical reload is a drill you complete when the immediate threat is dealt with and to prepare for any other encounters so you don't run your gun dry. It is certainly not done in a gunfight, as this is when you must complete the emergency reload.

When special operations soldiers or tactical police teams learn the tactical reload they ideally have another buddy covering any danger areas (like doorways) while they quickly load up a fresh mag. This is to ensure they are good to go as they move into the next room, or from cover to cover, on a battlefield with a new mag on.

As always, practice this drill dry by ensuring your pistol is cleared safe and with empty magazines. Once you have the movements down proceed to live fire on the range. Practice deliberately and don't rush it until you have proficiency as speed will come over time. As like the other drills, don't drop your accuracy or any other good habits while doing it.

Take time to practice the tactical reload and as always, train hard and train often.