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The Armchair Hunter’s Wish List

Whether rough weather conditions have required your loved one to postpone a big hunting trip or hunting season’s ending has left them languishing in withdrawal, it’s a fact of a die-hard hunter’s life that an urge to hit the woods and track some deer cannot always be acted upon.

However, with the right set of gifts this holiday season, you can fill the hunting season void. We call this list “the Armchair Hunter’s Wish List” because each item can be used to bring a bit of the hunting experience into the home. For situations when hunting trips aren’t possible, these gifts can often prove to be the next best thing.

Cookbooks: If a hunter can’t be out in the woods or the field bagging some new meat for the dinner table, then they should be inside, preparing the meat they have already collected into some new, adventurous, and delicious recipe. The market is flushed with hunting-themed cookbooks, with “The Complete Venison Cookbook” by Harold Webster Jr. and “The Wild Chef” by Jonathan Miles standing out as just a few of our favorites.

venison---cookbookPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Guidebooks and DVDs: For the beginning or intermediate hunter on your list, full-fledged cookbooks may not yet be in order, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them some reading material for their bedside table. Guidebooks can be the perfect way for armchair hunter to learn new skills – the Outdoor Edge “Deer and Big Game Processing” DVD – and build up hunting knowledge – the Field & Stream “Total Gun Manual” – from the comfort of their own homes.

venison---deer-and-big-gamePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Entertainment: Guidebooks and instructional DVDs are great resources, but sometimes, an armchair hunter just wants some escapist entertainment. From the first three seasons of the popular television series Duck Dynasty – $19.99 each – to seasons of the similar Buck Commander, you can easily get creative when picking out entertainment options for the hunting enthusiast in your life.

venison---duck-dynastyPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Toys: If the hunting enthusiast on your list this year just so happens to be a child, then hunting-related toys may be just the ticket. Toy crossbows and compound bows, inflatable deer targets, or stuffed animals are just a few of the many child-geared hunting gifts out there.

venison---rapid-riserPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Games: While hunting toys can satisfying the outdoor-minded kids you are shopping for this holiday season, games are a fun way to get the whole family involved in the armchair hunting experience. For instance, the Duck Dynasty board game might fit the bill, especially as a companion to the DVD series. Forest Animal-opoly brings a rustic hunting sensibility to the beloved Parker Brother board game that is Monopoly, while hunting-related jigsaw puzzles are an inexpensive and fun way of passing the time on cold winter days.

venison---duck-dyn-boardgamePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Watches: Cheer your armchair hunter up this holiday season with something he or she can use both indoors and out in the woods. Bass Pro Shops, for instance, offers a plethora of attractive, durable, and functional watches, from classic analog designs to modern digital watches, and some mix of both.

venison---watchesPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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The Armchair Hunter’s Wish List