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The Armatix iP1 Pistol Is Straight Out of James Bond

The Armatix iP1 is a new smart gun that's straight out of James Bond movie.

Remember in "Skyfall" when James Bond gets a gun that can only be activated by his fingerprint? Well, gun technology very similar to that is now available to US consumers. It's called the Armatix iP1.

The Washington Post reported that the Armatix iP1 is being hailed as the US's first "smart handgun." It's a .22-caliber, 10-round magazine handgun that can only be activated by a watch worn on the shooter's wrist.

Here's how it works. The gun can only be fired when it's in close range to the watch. When close enough, the watch sends a signal to an RFID microchip inside the gun. A green light on the gun's handle then alerts the shooter that the gun is activated. Without the watch, the gun can't shoot.

Smart guns   The Washington Post
Image: Washington Post

Only one gun shop in the US, the Oak Tree Gun Club near Los Angeles, is selling the Armatix iP1. The innovative smart gun retails for $1,399. The watch is sold separately at $399.

"It could revolutionize the gun industry," the store's owner, James Mitchell, told the Washington Post.

The Armatix iP1 is the latest example of smart gun technology, a type of firearm that integrates computer and microchip technology to achieve what was once considered science fiction. The military is also interested in picking up smart guns for their soldiers. We reported earlier this month that the US Army is already testing smart rifles made by Austin-based manufacturer Tracking Point. Their Precision Guided Firearms can allow a novice shooter to hit a moving target up to 1,200 yards away.

What do you think of the Armatix iP1 and smart guns? Let us know in the comments below. 



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The Armatix iP1 Pistol Is Straight Out of James Bond