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So What Does ‘AR’ Mean? Armalite Answers with This Infographic


Thank you Armalite for setting the record straight. 

AR’s have been in the news a lot lately for many different reasons. One thing that has been pressing the issue way more than any sane person could think necessary, is the media. It’s become commonplace that all the various different forms of the AR model weapon simply mean assault rifle, or automatic rifle, but that just simply isn’t true. Thankfully, Armalite has proven that.

If you don’t know Armalite, they have been making many different models of military and police style weapons for years. It all started with an AR-1 sniper style rifle, and has simply progressed from there. I don’t want to spoil anything. Just look below.


Well, that’s pretty much that then isn’t it? Unfortunately, things like this just won’t make it too far in the mainstream of things because it goes against an initiative that doesn’t sell papers or make the ratings go up.

Perhaps maybe you can do your part and help in trying to stop the spread of madness and share this nice little infographic and get the message out there that an AR is simply just not an assault rifle. They are just letters tied to a number assigned by a company.

Come on people.



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So What Does ‘AR’ Mean? Armalite Answers with This Infographic