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Armadillo Roadkill Found in Indiana [PICS]

All photos via Facebook/Indiana DNR Law District 3

An armadillo was found in Indiana? We blame El Niño.

Indiana is a state that is not known for a vast diversity of animals; it does not have wolves, elk, moose, or armadillos. Well, better think again. An armadillo was found dead on the highway just outside of Monticello, Indiana on Tuesday, March 25.

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As you can see in this Facebook post by the Indiana DNR Law District 3, they even have pictures to prove it.


We can’t make this stuff up folks……Officer Brenda Louthain recovered this armadillo, after apparently being struck…

In a chat session, the Indiana DNR suspected that the out-of-place armadillo may have hitched a ride on a produce truck from an area where they are prevalent. Others think that it just made its way up from Kentucky by swimming across the Ohio river. What’s your guess?

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Armadillo Roadkill Found in Indiana [PICS]