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Arkansas Game Warden Takes Down Suspect in Car Chase [VIDEO]

Arkansas Game Warden

When he hears about a car chase in progress, this Arkansas game warden steps up and takes the suspect down.

For some reason, even today, some people think that game wardens are not real police officers. They think they’re just guys who spend their days in the woods and on the water.

If you are still one of those people, hopefully this video of an Arkansas game warden will help change your mind.

The suspect, who was believed to be fleeing from a robbery, was thought to have a weapon with him. The Arkansas game warden did an outstanding job of not only keeping the car in the grass so that the chase could end but also in safely subduing the suspect to end the chase.

Hats off to him and the all the game wardens who risk their lives everyday, not only to protect our wildlife, but to protect us as well.

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Arkansas Game Warden Takes Down Suspect in Car Chase [VIDEO]