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Arkansas Game & Fish Releases CWD Video Update


Here’s the latest on Arkansas’ sudden CWD outbreak.

Chronic wasting disease, or CWD, was first discovered in Arkansas elk and deer about a month ago and officials have already confirmed over 80 cases of the deadly neurological disease. The discovery may potentially affect some hunting regulation changes.

Here’s all the latest you need to know on this unfortunate discovery, straight from the Arkansas Game & Fish.

While the entire state is now being monitored for CWD, the good news is the disease has only been found in two counties so far, Newton and Boone. But Game & Fish seems to be taking this quite seriously and is still asking for the public’s help.

Because cases of CWD are being found faster in road-killed animals than in randomly-selected deer from the herd, they are asking the public to report road killed deer or elk so samples can be taken.  Any sightings of sick-looking animals should also be reported.

Proposed regulation changes will be reported towards the end of May and these proposal changes will be voted upon in June. We at Wide Open Spaces will stay on this story and will bring you the news on these changes if and when they happen.


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Arkansas Game & Fish Releases CWD Video Update