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Arkansas Angler Reeled in…a Pirahna

Ozark County Times

Where did this piranha come from?

It has been confirmed by the Arkansas Game and Fish Department that a piranha was caught in Lake Bentonville. Piranhas are a warm-weather fish, indigenous to the rivers of South America, and cannot survive the freezing winter temperatures. So where did it come from?

This isn’t the first case of a caught piranha in Lake Bentonville. Many people get the exotic fish to keep as a pet and then let it go in lakes and rivers when it gets too big, or maybe too ferocious. Illegally dumping fish can result in a $2,500 fine and up to 90 days in jail. Whoever dumped this fish is unknown.

The species was confirmed when the angler’s Facebook photos were observed by biologists.


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Arkansas Angler Reeled in…a Pirahna